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Ivy Maria Diego and great grandmother Sylvia Edmondson-Holt taking time to pray


Ivy prays diligently with great grandmother (Grandma the Great) she seems to be observing the Heavenly Host and wondering "How long is Grandma going to pray?" She is featured on the cover of "Between the Pews" , designed by her Parents Juan Diego and Jaime Holt Diego.

     At the end of pray, we always ask her, "Where is Jesus?".  "In me!" she exclaims! patting her chest. One day she fell running down the stairs and took a blow to the area where Jesus lives.  She ran to her mom crying and holding her chest, "I think I hurt Jesus?" she cried. Her Mom  explained to her, "Jesus is fine. He kept you from being hurt. That is why he lives in us. To keep us safe." Ivy wiped her tears away and whined "OK". How priceless is that?  

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  Join one woman’s journey in struggles, failures and triumphs through the pages of Between the Pews. She tells how an overprotected childhood left her ill prepared for what she would face later sometimes in the most unlikely places. "It would have been easier to have walked on water (like Peter) than to have…...” an excerpt from the memoir. Beyond the peaceful confines of her safe haven (Promise Land) Charlotte, Tn. the real world would soon emerge. She grew up in the South during the Civil Rights Era. Follow her as she travels "More Than a Sabbath Day's Journey From the Promise Land." (Xlibris Publishing) Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at over 40,000 book stores worldwide. Locally at Clement Railroad Museum in Dickson 

Tn.. From the author at Sylvia’s Books (615-986-8035) Also available for book signings, discussions and Motivational speaking. ( ( and at ( For a signed copy please  send email or call.

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The Author is a retired Registered Nurse and Ordained Minister.  She a has a Degree in Theology. Recently she stated "I have accomplished many things that society said I could't.  And God is not finished with me yet. My goal will forever be, to be the best parent and grandparent ever. My mission in life  is to help others and be an example to the younger generation." After retiring she decided to pursue her love for the art of writing. Her first book (Between the Pews) was released July 2016.

She is also active with Nashville Rise as a Parent Advocate for the public school system of Davidson County, and recently has become a member of a Women's Reading Book Club. She attends Faith is the Victory Church. 

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  Between the Pews – July 29, 2016

by Sylvia Edmondson-Holt  (Author

Available in 3 formats, Hardback, Paperback and Digital. at Amazon and in over 40,000 book stores world wide.



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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve family history by telling and writing  stories that must be told and to encourage others to do the same so that the next generation may enjoy hearing and reading about their ancesters.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to engage with others in such a way that they will be encouraged and empowered to tell their own story.

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   Dear Sylvia Edmondson-Holt, Thank you for the historical narrative of your family. This reminds me of many late nights in Dickson traveling from Nashville with my father, Slayden T. Evans, Jr., guitarist with the Dynamic Dixie Travelers. My great-grandfather was Reverend Joseph Evans, pastor of Worley Furnace Church. I remember so many of the names from the brief selection of reading via Google. I appreciate the history that you have preserved in your writing of this book. Great days indeed. Respectfully,  Anthony Slayden Evans   

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What the Author is reading

Currently I am reading "The Uncalled A Novel" by Paul Laurance Dunbar, my favorite author of all times.  Mr Dunbar passed away at the age of 33 years old in 1906.  I am continuously amazed at how his writings are still relevant today.  A man who was way ahead of his time. I take great pleasure in reading his poems as well.

As a member of the Meetup I recently joined, I am enjoying titles that I would not have chosen to read.  It has helped to broaden my horizon. I have provided my review on the books at Amazon and will continue to share these with you. The discussions are very useful to get other's opinion on the authors and the content of the narratives. We meet Monthly. This is an awesome group of women whom I am so blessed to have met.  Shout out to Jasmine J and Briana M. 



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My website continues to grow and anyone who looked last week when it first launched will notice.  After spending three Months in Silicon Valley Of California this summer, by way of "Osmosis" and seeing all the Technology around me, (the self driving cars and robots on the side walk) some serious knowledge soaked in. I have been able to build the website alone.

A lover of technology I welcome the changes it has brought to our world.

I know, Shout Out for me.  Right.

Please continue to "Navigate" and enjoy the links I have shared.

Thanks everyone who has already sent email through (Drop us a line) I promise you will never be bombarded with trash from this site.

Thank you for your loyalty, respect and patients. 

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Frequently Ask Questions

Question: How long did it take you to write the book?   Margaret

Sylvia:  I had the idea for a few years, many things seemed to stand in the way.  After  I retired in Dec. 2015 I began more seriously and I would estimate it took me about a year to finish the entire book.

Question: Why did you name the book "Between the Pews?" Candace

Sylvia: My father was a gospel singer.  He actually had a radio program on WSOK (now WVOL) in Nashville Tn. and in Dickson Tn. WDKN. Every weekend he and the group (Theodore Edmondson and the Promise Singers) would be asked to perform at different churches across Tennessee and Kentucky.  As a young child I tagged along not yet old enough to sing with the group. Early on my life centered on the church congregations of different denominations  and even different races. I felt that most of my story would be about those experiences. Notice I said congregation because I believe the church is the people and not the building or the color of ones skin. Between the Pews just seemed to fit the main title. And in recognition of my beloved community I chose the subtitle, "More Than A Sabbath Day's Journey From The Promise Land." I think all of us who have had any kind of struggles in life can identify with that Biblical term.

Question:  What was your inspiration for writing the book? Cammille

Sylvia:  Other people have written books about the Promise Land. No one but me had the story that I have told.  It is my God given story.  One that I felt must be told. No one but I could tell it. I encourage other to do the same.

Question:What is it about your story that makes it different or so unique that it must be told? Chris

Sylvia: I believe I have captured a block of history that no one else could have accomplished.  Not even my own brothers and sisters.  Each one of us have a similar story to a certain extent but not the same story.  Why? Because there are age differences and gender differences and positions in the family differences etc.  Neither of us will have the same story to tell. I think that it is so important to preserve these stories no matter how big or small. I enjoy reading what I have written and every time I read it I can think of something else I could have added.

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The Dynamic Dixie Travelers 23rd.Anniversity. Vidio

The Dynamic Dixie Travelers celebrated 50 years of rich history  in 2017, The Worley Furnace (Dickson Tennessee) Many of the origional group were direct descendant of Rev. Joseph Evans who was, a "Fire and brimstone, no nonsencel" kind of preacher. The earlier members I am sure were part of the "All Night Singings" during the taping of Theodore Edmondson and the Promise Land Singers program every Friday Night in the 1950's.The late Mr. Slaydan Evens was General Manager for years.